Patrick Beverley calls out KD, Nets for trade request situation

Brooklyn Nets, Utah Jazz

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Some NBA players were waiting with bated breath for the Kevin Durant situation to work itself out

The Brooklyn Nets and Kevin Durant announced on Tuesday morning that they have agreed to, “move forward with our partnership,” effectively ending the endless rumors that came to a peak on Monday.

On Monday, Shams Charania dropped a comprehensive article on the Durant situation (subscription required) and all the deals that have been discussed to this point. Many of the offers were low-ball, and the article did little to progress the trade perception aside from revealing the fragile leverage the Nets have.

Durant is far from the only player involved in this situation, as players around the league were impacted by the trade request.

Patrick Beverley calls out Kevin Durant and Brooklyn Nets over the trade request

Shortly after the press release from the Nets came out, Utah Jazz guard Patrick Beverley let it be known that he wasn’t pleased with it happening in the first place. His main frustration is the fact that it holds back deals for peripheral players as teams involved with Durant wait to see how things play out.

Such a lingering situation for those players can be anxiety-inducing for them and their families.

Isiah Thomas is one of those players, who had this to say shortly after the announcement:

Next, Beverley suggested he was concerned for the owners’ patience running thin, which might be an indication of what he thinks of a potential forthcoming lockout and how the owners may seek more power following the trend of star players forcing trades, which could potentially cut off widespread player earnings for a longer period of time.

Then, KD quote-Tweeted Pat Bev with #BLAMEKD. Beverley replied and clarified he wasn’t blaming just Durant, he was actually blaming Durant and the Nets. Much better, right?

The league can take a collective step forward now that the Durant situation is over… for now.

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