Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving trade package could bring Lakers into play

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With the Nets breaking up before our very eyes, Kyrie Irving wants to force his way to the Lakers in hopes of playing with LeBron James…and Kevin Durant.

The Lakers have very little in terms of future assets or cap flexibility, so is it even possible that they could take on the necessary financial strain that would come with both KD and Kyrie?

It’s a stretch of the imagination — and we know that runs amok in Lakerland. Irving, for one, seems intent on forcing a trade to LA.

Per ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Los Angeles has a potential trade package that could work for Brooklyn if Durant and Irving were to be kept together.

It’s a bold move, and it was met with much chagrin on the set of NBA Today for good reason. However — Los Angeles has been doubted before. Any team with James, Durant and Irving on it (not to mention Anthony Davis if he’s not part of said trade package), would be a force out West.

Could Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving force way to Lakers?

Anything is possible as long as the money lines up. However, the question remains as to whether Durant wants anything to do with Irving at this point. KD waited until Kyrie opted in to his deal, and then requested a trade. That timing sounds suspect to say the least.

Irving was a constant headache for the Nets last season. That includes Durant, who tried to lead a broken team on a near-improbable playoff run. To the surprise of no one, it fell far short.

Durant wants another championship. Watching Golden State win a title without him has to add fuel to the fire, if only because he’s failed to reach the mountaintop without the help of the Warriors superteam.

More than likely, KD and Kyrie will part. Their final destinations remain mysteries for now.

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