Nikola Jokic inks richest deal in NBA history with Nuggets: NBA Twitter applauds

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Nikola Jokic has signed an NBA record supermax contract with the Nuggets. Fans and analysts alike could only celebrate the two-time MVP.

As NBA free agency kicked off officially, one of the first things that transpired was superstar players getting locked up to supermax deals. Among that group was Denver Nuggets big man and reigning back-to-back NBA MVP Nikola Jokic.

While Devin Booker and Bradley Beal joined Jokic in getting their money, the Denver star was in a class of his own in NBA history for the figures associated with his deal.

Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium broke the news of the contract extension and reported that Jokic is signing a five-year, $264 million deal, making it the richest contract in league history.

There is also a player option for the 2027-28 season worth an astounding $60 million for Jokic should he opt in.

Nikola Jokic signs record-setting supermax with Nuggets: NBA Twitter celebrates

Considering what Jokic has done individually over the past few seasons, NBA Twitter had no choice but to applaud the big man for getting the biggest bag in league history.

That is, indeed, a lot of dollars and, if he so chooses, a lot of Quesaritos from Taco Bell.

Denver wasn’t done after that as they also added DeAndre Jordan with the veteran big agreeing to a deal to head to the Mile High City on Thursday as well.

Jokic, however, will remain the centerpiece for the foreseeable future, as he should. His numbers and performance en route to two straight MVP awards has been truly incredible to behold. And now he’ll keep doing it as a much richer man.

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