Chicago Bulls: 3 moves to make after the 2022 NBA Draft

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Zach LaVine takes a three-point shot in the second quarter against the Milwaukee Bucks. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

The Chicago Bulls need to make these three moves after tonight’s NBA Draft to ensure success next season.

As it usually is, the NBA Draft was a big deal, but the Chicago Bulls have work to do afterward as they look to make next season another strong one.

Last year, the Bulls finished 46-36 and second in the Central Divison. They fell to Milwaukee in the first round of the playoffs, so while that finish was good for the Bulls, there is still plenty of work to do.

The biggest takeaway from this past season is that they made progress and overperformed after losing Lonzo Ball.

While overperforming without a guy like Ball is a good thing, we must think about what would have happened if Ball wasn’t injured. Would the Bulls have beaten Milwaukee if Ball stayed healthy?

The Bulls have just one pick in this 2022 NBA Draft, which will be the No. 18 overall pick. This is why they must focus on winning the post-draft period.

With Ball healthy next year and with the team making critical post-draft moves, the Bulls could go on the run all of their fans expect them to do.

Chicago Bulls can win the offseason by making these three things happen after the NBA Draft.

3. Sign Zach LaVine to the max

One of the first things the Bulls need to do is sign Zach LaVine to a hefty contract.  As an unrestricted free agent, there is a solid shot he leaves Chicago and goes to another team.

LaVine is a core player for the Bulls and someone that mixes well with Ball, so keeping him on this team is a top priority.

Chicago needs to wine and dine LaVine to keep him around, and most importantly, they need to pay this man.

Last season, LaVine averaged 24.4 points, 4.5 assists and shot 47.6% of his field goals. He is a solid member of this team, so whatever the Bulls need to do, they need to make it happen.

According to an NBCSports article, LaVine could see a five-year contract worth around $212 million, which is a year longer than the last one and a lot higher in terms of money.

Once the Bulls finalize this contract, they can build around him and Ball. However, this is top priority because LaVine makes Chicago better.

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