Skip Bayless fires back at Russell Westbrook over ‘Westbrick’ complaint

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Skip Bayless didn’t back down from his criticism of Russell Westbrook, doubling down on Twitter after the Lakers star called him out.

Skip Bayless is the ultimate sports troll. Rule No. 1 when dealing with trolls? Don’t feed them.

Russell Westbrook apparently hasn’t learned that lesson, prompting more talk from the Fox Sports personality by calling him out for using the name “Westbrick.”

If Westbrook thought he’d get an apology when he told Bayless to “watch your mouth,” he was very mistaken. If he thought he’d get him to back off by telling him not to “say anything here you wouldn’t say to my face,” that just egged Bayless on.

On Sunday night, Bayless responded with an invite to join him on Undisputed for a face-to-face chat.

Skip Bayless is taking more shots at Russell Westbrook on Twitter

“Hey, Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) … happy to talk face-to-face about the nickname I believe I originated in 2012. JOIN ME ON TV/PODCAST. Let’s talk about how you’ll make $47 mil next yr after being THE WORST 3-PT SHOOTER IN THE NBA! Most overpaid player ever? PLEASE JOIN ME,” Bayless tweeted.

And that wasn’t all.

“Amazing & amusing how Russell Westbrook is trying to turn himself into a victim after he was such a nightmare for Laker Nation last yr. All he has to do to shut up/shut down us critics is simply to MAKE SHOTS & QUIT COMMITTING SADLY COMICAL TURNOVERS. But … it’s critics’ fault,” Bayless added.

Bayless goes overboard on his criticism most of the time. And nothing gets him going more than finding out someone is sensitive to that criticism. Westbrook just made himself the most desirable target on the internet.

The worst thing here is that Bayless isn’t off-base. Westbrook is making $47 million and coming off a terrible season with the Lakers featuring bad shooting performances and far too many turnovers. And the only way for him to silence the critics is to play better.

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