Patrick Beverley recruiting Fake Klay to Minnesota after Warriors ban

Golden State Warriors, Minnesota Timberwolves

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Timberwolves star Patrick Beverley jumped on the Fake Klay Thompson story with an offer to play for Minnesota next season.

If you haven’t heard of the Fake Klay saga, strap in because it’s wild.

YouTuber Dawson Gurley shares a striking resemblance to Warriors star Klay Thompson. He put it to good use by sneaking walking into the Chase Center ahead of Game 5 of the NBA Finals by impersonating Thompson in his Golden State gear.

Gurley made it through all sorts of security and had a shoot-around before a security guard finally sniffed out the trespassing situation.

For his troubles, Gurley was given a lifetime ban from the arena but another NBA star wants to get him back on the court.

Patrick Beverley recruited Fake Klay to Minnesota after Warriors ban

Patrick Beverley of the Minnesota Timberwolves saw the viral video and invited Gurley to join the team at the Target Center when the Warriors come to visit.

Gurley replied with a promise to come on down.

Hopefully, they make it happen because that’s the follow-up this story deserves.

There might be competition for Gurley’s presence. Joe Tsai, the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, tried recruiting him as well.

Even though he looks a lot like Klay, it’s mindboggling to see how easy it was for the YouTuber to get onto an NBA court like that. It really is true that if you look like you know where you’re going, no one will question you.

Gurley spent $10,000 on tickets to Game 5 and he says he’s not getting a refund along with his lifetime ban.

Thanks to the ban, he missed a Warriors victory in Game 5, 104-94. They are one win away from clasping the NBA title with Game 6 coming up on Thursday night.

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