Watch: Warriors fans get ultimate revenge on Charles Barkley

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The Golden State Warriors won the Western Conference Finals in five games over the Mavericks on Thursday night. Fans let Charles Barkley hear it.

Barkley had a feud with Golden State basketball fans this series, starting before Game 1 when he picked the Mavs to win the series.

That only intensified later in the series, when Barkley made it clear that he hates visiting San Francisco. Fortunately for him, a five-game series is relatively short, and TNT does not broadcast the NBA Finals. So his season is over!

When asked about why he hates San Francisco so much, Barkley made it clear he has nothing against this Warriors team.

“Oh, I can buy into the (Warriors),” said Barkley to Ryen Russillo ahead of Game 2. “I hate their fans. But we have a lot of give and take, and that doesn’t bother me. They, you know, you know, Ry? As long as people are reacting to your opinion, you’re doing what you’re supposed to do on television.”

Warriors fans get revenge on Charles Barkley

Outside Chase Center in San Francisco, Dubs fans let Barkley hear it, and even through garbage and shorts at him postgame.

Shaq probably didn’t help matters.

‘Inside the NBA’ is the best NBA pregame show running in part due to the professionalism, or lack thereof, between the four panelists. As much as Barkley did taunt Dubs fans the entire series, it was all an act in the end.

And Barkley took his medicine.

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