Delonte West is back on the court and available in The Big 3 draft pool

Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, NBA

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After being off NBA rosters for more than a decade, 38-year-old NBA veteran Delonte West is heading back to the court as a part of The Big3 draft.

The G League provides those on the cusp of the NBA the opportunity to play up for a chance in the league, which can sometimes give players the chance they need: Gary Payton II is a shining example of just how well the G League can develop great players.

But there’s also veteran players who are no longer sought out through the league who don’t remain in the G League. For players nearing their 40s, there’s another way to play the game: in The Big3 League.

The 3×3 basketball league, which was founded by Ice Cube in 2017, comprises 12 teams and often recruits former NBA players to fill their ranks. In a style à la summer music festival, The Big3 announced their draft pool, per Amy Trask.

One of the names on that list is none other than Delonte West, the longtime NBA guard who played for four NBA teams, most notably with the Boston Celtics.

Former NBA guard Delonte West joins The Big3 draft pool

The last time West played in the NBA was a decade ago, when he played for the Dallas Mavericks for the 2011-12 season. The 38-year-old guard also spent time in the Chinese Basketball Association and in the G League, spending two stints with the Texas Legends. The last time West played professional basketball of any kind was in 2015, so returning to the court is an uplifting development.

Throughout his life, West has dealt with various difficulties, including economic instability, substance abuse, and mental health issues, during and after his NBA career. For that reason, many have expressed excitement about seeing West return to the court with The Big3.

Those who care about West and his well-being see the draft as an opportunity to embrace his basketball skills once again, especially since it seems that West is still struggling financially. According to one Twitter user, West was seen outside of a 7-11 asking for change several days ago.

Just as the NBA Draft makes dreams come alive, the same is true for The Big3 draft as the 3×3 grows in popularity.

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