Celtics fan found out Boston lost during his own wedding and had perfect reaction

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So this poor Boston Celtics fan found out his team lost Game 1 in the middle of his wedding.

Imagine being in the middle of getting married, only to find out your favorite NBA team lost Game 1.

This Boston Celtics fan was walking down the aisle with his beautiful bride, only to find out the C’s lost Game 1 to the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks on their home floor. Boston may have had home-court advantage in this Eastern Conference Semifinals, but that’s gone now. Milwaukee was able to throttle Boston even without Khris Middleton, to win easily over the Celtics, 101-89.

Who knew that Giannis Antetokounmpo was like ra-e-ain on your wedding day? It is a tad Ironic, but you, you, you oughta know!

Boston Celtics fan finds out his team lost Game 1 in the middle of his wedding

It is so incredibly tough to lose Game 1 of a second-round series for a passionate New England area sports fan. How can he possibly ever recover from this? Why dwell on the six Super Bowls Tom Brady gave you, the four World Series championships since breaking The Curse and the Bruins raising Lord Stanley’s Cup, when you can remember the C’s have not win it all since 2008.

As Kevin Garnett once told us while misremembering the Adidas slogan, “Anything is possible!” Ultimately, Boston does have a snowball’s chance of winning the NBA Finals. That defense is more tenacious than anything Jack or Kyle ever laid down on an acoustic. With the pickpocket of destiny known as Marcus Smart, Celtics’ title No. 18 will only be a tribute to the greatness of Bill and Larry.

I now pronounce you Bill and Larry? That ain’t gonna work. Rick Pitino ain’t walking through that door. The C’s must figure out how to make sure the Bucks stop here by containing the Greek God of Wisconsin. Even if Alanis played god once, she did punish two of Boston’s finest in Matt and Ben in front of the guy Bruce Willis kicked out of Nakatomi Tower on Christmas. Avada Kedavra!

May this marriage last longer than the New England professional sports teams’ title drought.

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