Ben Simmons getting clowned by NBA Twitter for another ridiculous outfit

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Ben Simmons is still sidelined for the Brooklyn Nets’ contest against the Boston Celtics and folks are having fun examining his outfit.

As the Brooklyn Nets faced off against the Boston Celtics Saturday evening, NBA fans are having a ball joking about Ben Simmons’ outfit. The man apparently has a thing for wearing really eccentric and odd outfits and his latest outfit is really something.

Fashion and taste and fun are all subjective and Simmons is totally entitled to having his own opinions on what he wears, he shouldn’t be penalized for that. But, well, the outfit is admittedly all sorts of absurd.

Because the internet is generally a tough place to be and people have strong opinions, folks on the internet are having a ton of fun taking some shots at it.

Here’s how Twitter is reacting to Simmons and his clothing choices.

Brooklyn Nets: NBA Twitter has fun cracking jokes at Ben Simmons’ outfit

And yeah, Simmons kinda stands out here. As in he really stands out. There’s no blending in with any of his teammates or the crowd or just anyone in general. That’s an odd collection of colors to be wearing all at once and he’s doing it in an arena full of people wearing dark colors.

The man just likes wearing absurd clothing. It’s really, really absurd clothing, but it’s clothing that he likes.

Unfortunately for Simmons, his brightly colored pants, and the Nets, the Celtics came out on top of Game 3.

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