Jrue Holiday cashed in more than $200K for putting on jersey, committing a foul

Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks

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Jrue Holiday is getting a pretty sweet bonus. The Milwaukee Bucks are paying him more than $200,000 after he played for a handful a of seconds Sunday.

The Milwaukee Bucks helped Jrue Holiday make a solid amount of money Sunday. Seriously, all Holiday even had to do was simply show up and he got paid a pretty hefty sum of money for starting against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday.

The Bucks, arguably the best team in the Eastern Conference headed into the NBA playoffs this season, were able to rest up just about all of their top contributors in Sunday’s game against the Cavaliers.

However, Holiday wasn’t able to simply sit on the sidelines of this one. Even though the Bucks could have kept him out of the game, Holiday needed to get out on the court?


Well, because of the way his contract is structured, Holiday had the opportunity to go out and make a ton of money by simply showing up and wearing a jersey against the Cavaliers. So what did the Bucks do?

Milwaukee Bucks: Jrue Holiday gets major payday for simply showing up vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

They did the sensible thing and helped Holiday get paid. The Bucks let Holiday start and hug a guy to get a foul. Following the very early and absolutely inconsequential intentional foul, the Bucks immediately pulled Holiday off the court so that he could rest up in preparation of the playoffs.

It was as simple as that.

Now Holiday is a bit richer and the Bucks were able to let him rest. It’s a win for everyone involved. Sure, Milwaukee ended up losing to Cleveland, but this particular game doesn’t really do much for anyone on the Bucks’ roster at this point. Other than Holiday, that is. It probably meant a lot to him.

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