NBA trade rumors: Minnesota Timberwolves could be interested in Myles Turner

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Minnesota sports journalist Jon Krawczynski revealed on his podcast that the Minnesota Timberwolves may be interested in acquiring Myles Turner. 

The Minnesota Timberwolves may have a middling 11-12 record in the Western Conference, but they are still faring better than Wolves fans expected this season.

Minnesota could strengthen their roster in certain areas, especially by getting a shiftier power forward to compliment the towering Karl-Anthony Towns. According to The Athletic’s Jon Krawczynski, the Timberwolves may have found their answer with the Indiana Pacers.

“A big man is definitely needed and the Timberwolves know it,” Krawczynski said on his podcast recently. “So they are combing the league, they are looking for options out there… I think you’re going to hear names like Myles Turner from Indiana come up regularly going into December and into January. I think once we get to 1st of January that’s when teams really kind of have a true idea are they in this or are they not, what do they need, what don’t they.”

Minnesota sports journalist believes Timberwolves could be targeting Myles Turner

Krawczynski noted that the Timberwolves have kept their eye out for a big man like DeMarcus Cousins, but Cousins went to the Milwaukee Bucks. He doesn’t believe the Timberwolves were ever really interested in Cousins because he is “past his prime and wouldn’t be as much of a help.”

That isn’t the case for Turner, who is only 25 years old. Turner is in his sixth NBA season on a 9-16 Pacers team, and despite his level of play, is languishing on a roster that can’t properly benefit from his talent.

Instead, the Wolves could use Turner in a “Twin Tower” scheme, pairing him with Karl-Anthony Towns for a dynamic power forward duo. The Cavaliers have been using three power forward this season, and with the utilization of the agile Evan Mobley, such a strategy has been a winning one for Cleveland.

Come January, the Timberwolves might make moves to acquire Turner and power their roster forward for a playoff-caliber team next season.

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