Julius Randle and the Knicks could be headed for a break-up

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Julius Randle was the toast of the town in New York last year, but his time with the Knicks could be coming to an end if his social media is any indication. 

Knicks fans were in love with Julius Randle last season as he led New York to an improbable playoff bid. It’s safe to say his encore campaign hasn’t impressed anyone on Broadway.

The Knicks currently occupy the 12th position in the Eastern Conference standings and Randle’s disappointing play is a big reason why New York has failed to meet expectations. Randle’s home fans haven’t been afraid to express their displeasure with his poor play inside Madison Square Garden or on social media.

Things seem to be getting worse for Julius Randle ane the Knicks

Randle’s latest social media activity appears to be a subtle response to the rough treatment he’s receiving from fans at the moment. The former All-Star recently unfollowed the franchise on Instagram just as he became eligible to be traded after signing his current contract.

Ironically, Randle’s poor play almost certainly makes him impossible for the Knicks’ front office to deal ahead of the upcoming Trade Deadline. His troubling decline in shooting has transitioned him from one of the most efficient scorers in the Eastern Conference to a below-average offensive player.

Most notably, the drop of his shooting from behind the three-point arc has harmed the Knicks’ offense. Last season he was a great floor spacer while shooting just over 41% from three-point range. This season’s drop to just 30% from behind the arc is emblematic of all Randle’s offensive struggles.

The ugly truth for the Knicks and Randle is that they’re stuck with one another for the foreseeable future. Both parties might want separation but the commitment they made to one another makes a trade highly unlikely. Randle may have unfollowed the Knicks on social media but he’s still stuck with them in real life.

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