Watch Raptors 3OT thriller put Nick Nurse visibly through the wringer

Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors

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While Toronto Raptors fans may have been somewhat stressed, head coach Nick Nurse was put through the wringer in Toronto’s win over the Miami Heat.

Most casual NBA fans probably thoroughly enjoyed watching the Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat battle back and forth through multiple overtimes as Toronto eventually won 124-120. Raptors fans and Heat fans probably didn’t enjoy it as much.

What about Raptors head coach Nick Nurse? Did he have fun? Was this game that needed three overtimes something that Nurse really had a blast with?

Well, uh, he was having absolutely zero fun in final seconds of the third overtime.

Just look at that poor man! He looks miserable!

It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for Nurse to have a nurse check his blood pressure. He looks seems worn out and exhausted from the stress of this game. It probably doesn’t matter all that much that the Raptors ended up winning. What probably matters a good bit here is how the game is actually over and he can get some rest.

Toronto Raptors: Head coach Nick Nurse seems a little stressed as Raptors need third overtime to beat Miami Heat

Of course, the folks who played in the game could also absolutely use some rest. Three overtimes isn’t any sort of joke. That’s a ton of basketball to be played and there’s a pretty big physical demand on an athlete’s body that comes from that.

There were six different players who played upwards of 50 minutes in this game. Four more players were on the court for more than 40 minutes. Every single one of the Raptors starters played more than 50 minutes.

That’s a lot of basketball.

What’s great about all of this is the Heat and Raptors will play again in a few days. On Tuesday, Feb. 1, the Raptors will host the Heat.

Maybe that game can be a little easier on Nurse and everyone else involved.

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