5 trades to help the Knicks recapture their magic

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New York Knicks

New York Knicks guard RJ Barrett (9): Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks are back to disappointing fans after a rough first half of this season. However, there are a few superstar trades that could help them recapture the magic that sent them to the playoffs last season.

It’s been a typical New York Knicks season, and that’s not a good thing. The superstar Julius Randle is back to being just an above-average player at his position. The signings of Evan Fournier and Kemba Walker haven’t worked out at all. R.J. Barrett took a step back when fans expected him to take a step forward.

The Knicks are 18-20 at the time of this writing. They have a losing record at Madison Square Garden, as the home fans have been disappointed more often than usual this season. There were actual expectations going into this season, so it hurts worse to see where the Knicks are in the standings. They are currently 11th in the standings, meaning they won’t even make the play-in game for the playoffs.

What can the New York Knicks do to reclaim their magic?

It’s clear there is something off about this roster. It is in the best of interest of the Knicks, the NBA, and the entire city of New York for the Knicks to be good. There’s a lot of pressure on this team to succeed. Even the Rangers of the NHL, the other team in MSG, is having a good season, so the Knicks need to catch up.

To do that, the Knicks need to upgrade the roster. The right collection of stars isn’t here yet. Randle is someone who can be good, Barrett can grow into something, and maybe Fournier is the right piece in the right situation, but none of those players are the level of star New York would hope it had at this point. Those stars are in Brooklyn, and it’s time for the Knicks to keep up. They can do it now with a few huge moves before the trade deadline.

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